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Project Description

sider is part of OSI services. sider is targeting a unified interface of the storage in any kind of applications. while sider itself is also a cluster-ready individual storage service, which can provide both key-value storage and tree-structure storage <on-going>.

besides a standalone service, OSI/sider is designed to work with a set of interfaces, which can easily be extended or integrate with other existing services. i.e. you can use sider redundant logic with redis, or use tree-structure storage logic with mysql, by providing the implementation of the communicating layer and integrate with existing adapters.

to use sider in your application, you need to refer, for best practice, refer service/storage/storage.dep is a good idea, it will also help to refer any other required assemblies. then you can create istrkeyvt implementation by calling the related create function, or resolve with argument. see osi/service/tests/storage for more details and samples.

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